Pnomek – Safe Pressure Materials

Pnomek is between leader firms in the world about high quality, process control and instrumentation issues. Pnomek which has been established in 2009, main factory and general center is in Bursa city. Pnomek which is working with expert personal in their branch, has submitted developing pressure, temperature and level guages technologies. PNOMEK which is working with expert people about their branch, moves for developing of new products, non-stop rised yield and base of innovative technologies.

Pnomek has quality service with manufacturing, sale and after sale technical support network. Since its establishment, it has been renewed its technology and has the latest technological machines.

Pnomek has made products perfectly thanks to countless R&D works.

It provides education to their personals regularly by work safety experts.

We are an exclusive firm which is memorised as quality and trustable in Turkey and World.

Quality Politics


PNOMEK is a firm that catches the quality easily thanks to technological machines and fund of knowledge. Our aim is always satisfaction of customer as PNOMEK, so we always examine innovative requests of our customers and we are manufacturing the best with our wised engineers.

A Team

We concentrate our performance to quality and innovation as PNOMEK team. We cooparate with firstly our supplier and our personals for the purpose of supply customer center quality.


We consider offers and compliants with providing satisfy of costumer.We prevent repetition of compliants with recovery actions. We make our documentation according to ISO 9001:2015 standart. We consider deformation of environment and natural sources for safety.


We continue to work which matches with ISO 9001:2015 standarts about ‘’Pressure control equipment design’’.

ISO 9001:2015